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Need to rent iPad, iPad rentals for events in USA & Las Vegas,NV North America? Tablet Hire leading iPad rental company in USA with latest iPads and vr rental stock!

Tablet Hire offers ipad rentals, google nexus tablets, iphones and a wide range of VR devices with complete accessories across the major cities of USA. Our ipad rental services are available to suit all your business needs like Conferences, Board Meetings, Share Holders Meetings, Team Building Meetings, Virtual Meetings and many more. Our VR rental service is the best in the business with up to date VR technology. Rent ipads form us and we deliver it at your doorstep including 24/7 customer service and support with over 10% cheaper rates than our competitors.

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Are you looking for VR devices in bulk? You’ve landed at the best resource on the internet for bulk Samsung Gear VR Rental in the United States. We offer state of the art latest Samsung Gear headsets for a variety of occasions.

Contact U.S Office:

The Tekk Group Corporation

2400 North Tenaya Way,


Nevada, 89128




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